Down Towns
The mystery of the past and the thrill of discovery remain to be experienced when traveling different places in Yemen. However, modern accomadations awaits the travellers in major cities like Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Mukalla, Hodeidah and others.

Air transportation is available to most big cities on a local level. International flights are available to Sana'a, Aden, Hodeidah, Mokalla and other airports. Yemenia maintains direct international serves to major cities in Europe, India, and the Middle East. Most Yemen visiters arrive at Sana'a International Airport and then proceed with Yemenia to other cities.

Ground transportations between smaller cities is cheapest by collective taxi but more comfortable by having a private taxi. Small groups tend to travel in four-wheel drive vehiles with driver provided by many different companies. A private transport and an experienced driver gives the visiter more freedom to explore remote places and manage the time as prefered. In addition, the cost of a reliable transportation and the driver is worthwhile.

Inside the cities, usually there will be a buses or minibuses that is very cheap. But it serves from and to certain places. Another option for transportation is taxis which are available everywhere down the street.
Some tourists prefer to rent a car whcih is not a bad idea. You would need an international driving licence and a make sure to maintain all the important papers for the car that shows that ownership of the car and an authorization for driving it from the cars rental agency. Some agencies offers an experienced driver who will take care of everything about the car and may help you get to know important places to see. Some of them work as tour guides.

The hotels ranges from those of the international chains to more modest locally-run establishments. Funduq is the Arabic name for Hotels.

eIt is advisable to go to a four or a five stars hotel for the high quality of survise that these hotels has. However, some tourist like to go to a two or three star hotel for the fun of it. Some tourist love to spend the late afternoon and evening with others in a Mafraj. Since these hotels usually have a big room called Mafraj where there will be many other people sitting there and have some chats with each other. No matter where you are from you can start a conversation (Many people have some English)