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  Yemen Photo Gallery has over 100 high quality photos from all parts of Yemen. Easy to download and can be very nice desktops on your PC.
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  Our mission is to educate public about Yemen  and supply electronic information about Yemen for everyone.
  The Himyarites established their capital at Dhafar (now just a small village in the Ibb region) and gradually absorbed the Sabaean kingdom.
  Yemen Photo Gallery has over 100 high quality photos from all parts of Yemen. Easy to download and can be very nice desktops on your PC.
  The mystery of the past and the thrill of discovery remain to be experienced when traveling different places in Yemen
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President Ali Abdullah Saleh
Yemen Parliament
Ministry of Information
Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Supply
Ministry of Immigrants Affairs
Central Org. for Control and Audit
Consultative Council
National Information Center
Women National Committee
Embassy in USA
Embassy in Ethiopia
Embassy in UAE
General Investment Authority
Social Fund for Development
UNDP - Yemen

Political Parties:

General  People's Congress
Islah Party
RAY Party
Nasserite Unionist Party

Foreign countries in Yemen

French Embassy

The Republic of Yemen is located on the southwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula, between latitudes 12-20 north of the equator , and longitudes 14-54 east of Greenwich. The total area is 555,000 km2 excluding Ar-Rub-al-khali. The country is bordered by Saudi Arabia in the north, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden in the south, Oman in the east. The strait of Bab-al-Mandab, situated in the southwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula, is divided into tow parts by Yemeni Island of Mayoon (Perim). The strait of Bab-Al-Mandab controls the strategic entrance of the Red Sea.

Socatra Island in the Arabian Sea is the biggest Yemeni island, and is Located 501 km away from the coast and its area is 3650 km2. Besides Socatra, more than 112 Yemeni islands are scattered in the Red Sea, the largest of which are Kamaran , Great Hunaish, Little Hunaish, Zuqqr, Azubeir and Jabel Tair.


Yemen, the land of Sheba, where wonders never cease


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