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Our mission is to educate public about Yemen  and supply electronic information about Yemen for everyone.


The Himyarites established their capital at Dhafar (now just a small village in the Ibb region) and gradually absorbed the Sabaean kingdom.


Yemen Photo Gallery has over 100 high quality photos from all parts of Yemen. Easy to download and can be very nice desktops on your PC.


The mystery of the past and the thrill of discovery remain to be experienced when traveling different places in Yemen

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Land of Sheba, where wonders never cease

The mystery of the past and the thrill of discovery remain to be experienced when traveling different places in Yemen. However, modern accommodations awaits the travelers in major cities like Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Mukalla, Hodeidah and others.

Air transportation is available to most big cities on a local level. International flights are available to Sana'a, Aden, Hodeidah, Mokalla and other airports. Yemenia maintains direct international serves to major cities in Europe, India, and the Middle East. Most Yemen visitors arrive at Sana'a International Airport and then proceed with Yemenia to other cities.

Ground transportations between smaller cities is cheapest by collective taxi but more comfortable by having a private taxi. Small groups tend to travel in four-wheel drive vehicles with driver provided by many different companies. A private transport and an experienced driver gives the visitor more freedom to explore remote places and manage the time as preferred. In addition, the cost of a reliable transportation and the driver is worthwhile.

Inside the cities, usually there will be a buses or minibuses that is very cheap. But it serves from and to certain places. Another option for transportation is taxis which are available everywhere down the street.
Some tourists prefer to rent a car which is not a bad idea. You would need an international driving license and a make sure to maintain all the important papers for the car that shows that ownership of the car and an authorization for driving it from the cars rental agency. Some agencies offers an experienced driver who will take care of everything about the car and may help you get to know important places to see. Some of them work as tour guides.

"As one travels through the regions of Yemen, from the hot coastal plain of the Tihama to the cool mountain villages of the central highlands and to the remote valleys of the Hadramut there is such a diversity of landscape, architecture, and vegetation that it is like moving from one country to another. Yet the impression of Yemen as a land of contrasts is deceptive. There are common strands of identity running through the fabric. The fiercely individualistic character of each place and its people reveals itself gradually not as a discordant factor in essence but as the way of the country as a whole. The common identity of Yemen does not exist necessarily in a sense of uniformity or consensus of opinion but rather in the vigorous defense of the small unit, be it family or tribe or village. A unified cultural heritage the diversity of expression." By Michael Jenner.

Visas Entry:
Visas are required for all visitors to Yemen (except some nationals of certain countries), Visas can be obtained easily by any tourist office, there are no difficulties or special requirements to obtain the visa.

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Immunization Requirements:
Health certificates indicating valid vaccinations are only required from travelers arriving in Yemen from afflicted countries . It is advisable to take antimalarial pills when visiting some areas in Yemen like Tihama. Main cities like Sana’a and Aden are considered malaria free.

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Airport Procedures:
Immigration forms are given to you on the plane and have to be handed in at passport control. Customs officers check the luggage closely for alcohol, video tapes and magazines that contain sex pictures. As a foreigner and a tourist you will be treated in special way every where in Yemen.

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From the airport there are taxis but no regular bus service to town . Normally, tourist offices organize transportation for their tourists, but if you take a taxi it will not cost more than  US$ 10 from the airport to any area in Sana’a or Aden. Inside the city there are three options:
1- Taxis which will cost you US$1 for short distances of  less than 15 minutes, there are no meters in the taxis.
2- Small buses (Dabab) Dababs run in fixed routes around the city, picking up and dropping off passengers in demand . You will need to speak Arabic, or use sign language. Fares are approx US$0.10 .
3- Hiring a car there are some car rental offices where you can hire a car . An international driving license is required. Prices start from  US$ 40 per day.

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Currency and Exchange:
The Currency is the Yemeni Rial (YR), divided into 100 Fills, the Fills, however, is no longer in use. Banknotes are available in One, Five, Ten, Twenty, Fifty, One Hundred, Two Hundred and Five Hundred Rials You can exchange money at any exchange office in the main cities, there is no official exchange rate for YR, and  there is no black market to exchange money. The exchange rate is quite stable ranging between 127YR-130YR to 1 US$.

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During the last two and a half decades, Yemen has been considered a safe country for foreigners to live in . Generally, foreigners are treated with respect and are seen as being here for the benefit of the country. However the economic and political climate has deteriorated during 1993 - 94 and the security situation worsened, but these days the situation is better, and the country has became more stable and secure for all foreigners. Do not worry specially if you are within a tourist group. But if you are in a hired car be careful as some remote roads are not safe and your car might be hijacked, this is the case not only for the foreigners but for any one who is driving luxury car.

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Pets may be brought in if accompanied by a veterinary health certificate and an import permit from the veterinary office in Yemen. Domestic animals common in Yemen are cats, dogs, donkeys, cows, sheep goats and poultry. There is also a long standing tradition of beekeeping ; Yemeni honey is reputedly among the finest in the world and its high price reflects this. Most of it is exported, some to the Gulf states to be used as medicine, or as  luxury. If you want to buy it, it is better to accompany a Yemeni  who can take you to the best places. Doves are often kept on the roof, and occasionally birds in a cage. Cats and dogs roam wild and feed on garbage . Pet dogs attract the attention of children, but  watchdog are likely to discourage them.

The National Veterinary Services development program, a project of the UK Overseas Development Agency, offers quality veterinary services, including immunization and surgery, and home visits can be arranged in emergencies.

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Local Hospitality:
There is mutual curiosity among Yemenis and expatriates to learn about each other’s culture. The quickest way is to invite friends to one’s home . An old Yemeni tradition holds that the one who has shared a meal with you will not be your enemy. Yemenis take great pride in showing generous hospitality to their friends, and in the countryside foreign travelers are often invited to eat and spend the night in Yemeni houses. Arab hospitality is expressed in terms of plentiful food and generous sprinklings of perfume on the departing guests. The family, the family is viewed as the God-willed way of life. A foreign resident’s family therefore is treated with respect, and children in particular attract attention and warmth. Complete strangers may come up to you and kiss your baby or small child - something you can hardly prevent.

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Traveling in the country:
To appreciate Yemen’s considerable natural beauty, one has to leave the city and explore the countryside . While the main roads are well surfaced and traveling them is a comfortable experience, taking to the rugged mountain tracks in a 4-wheel-drive vehicle is an adventure well worth the effort . The serpentine mountain roads offer breathtaking views into Wadis lined by countless man-made terraces. Visit the barren eastern mountains with their fascinating rock formations and be awed by the encroaching desert’s sand dunes. Dive into the clear waters of the Red Sea or the Indian Ocean or explore the tropical flora and fauna of the lower wadis with their clear monsoon streams and unique settlements and culture. And if you like the off beat, do not miss the experience of crossing the desert "Ramlat Assaba’atyin" on the southern corner of the
TentRub’a-alkhali, between Marib and Shabwa, the shortest way to the famous Wadi Hadramout. You can follow the ancient Gold and Incense Road along the edge of the desert. In Marib you can visit the old great Marib dam, The Queen of Sheba temple and the remains of ancient civilizations.. To enjoy the varied scenery, explore mysterious historical sites, marvel at the architecture, and most of all meet the people, many of whom maintain their original ways of life, is an unforgettable experience . Wherever you go, children will appear curious, boisterous, and sometimes annoying, you do not need to give them any thing , just small smile and show some good humor and they will love you.

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Men and children (male&female) are willing to have their picture taken , but be more cautious with women. Photographing women, even if veiled , is considered very rude and risky. Also be careful not to photograph military sites, airports or harbors, which are restricted security areas. Despite the restrictions Yemen is a photographer’s paradise. Check the
Photo gallery !! Some of your shots of traditional activities, like ploughing with the help of a donkey or grinding sesame with a camel, have potential historic value, because the old ways, now still widely observed, are destined to become things of the past.


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YemenWeb is now offering a web tour to Yemen with many valuable photos that present Yemen's nature and architecture. Even though there is a diversity of landscape and architecture in Yemen, we are developing the gallery to make it as informative as possible. You may also try the links page to visit some other Yemen photo galleries online.

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Yemen, the land of Sheba !!

Downtown The mystery of the past and the thrill of discovery remain to be experienced when traveling different places in Yemen. However, modern accommodations awaits the travelers in major cities like Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Mukalla, Hodeidah and others.
The hotels range from those of the international chains to more modest locally run establishments.
Air transportation is available to most big cities on a local level. International flights are available to Sana'a, Aden, Hodeidah, Mokalla and other airports. Transportation from principal cities is available via buses, taxies, and collective taxies. Click here for more info.

Enjoy going shopping in the downtown and get to know the people from close.
Just like any other city. Sana'a downtown is full of motion. People go for a walk, shop, bargain, eat and drink a Yemeni cup of coffee with Harisah which is a Yemeni delicious dessert that Yemenis eat it with a Yemeni coffee.


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