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  Yemen Photo Gallery has over 100 high quality photos from all parts of Yemen. Easy to download and can be very nice desktops on your PC.
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  Our mission is to educate public about Yemen  and supply electronic information about Yemen for everyone.
  The Himyarites established their capital at Dhafar (now just a small village in the Ibb region) and gradually absorbed the Sabaean kingdom.
  Yemen Photo Gallery has over 100 high quality photos from all parts of Yemen. Easy to download and can be very nice desktops on your PC.
  The mystery of the past and the thrill of discovery remain to be experienced when traveling different places in Yemen
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Tourism in Yemen

Vacations in Southern ArabiaMany tourists head to Yemen for many reasons. The main one is because Yemen has a long history that has been known for thousands years ago. Hundreds of civilizations have taken place in Yemen. Other tourists enjoy the Yemeni culture. People in Yemen are friendly and the Yemeni culture is interesting for many tourists. Some people like exploring Yemen; it's mountains, valleys, deserts, tribes, beaches, and cities. Some tourists love shopping in the Yemeni market, they find exotic items and lovely antiques. They also enjoy the bargaining there; whereas, other like to go for a walk in the downtown and have some chat with the people. Most of the people in Yemen are friendly and easy to make friendship with. If you are interested you can check with us about the tour packages we offer for vacations in Yemen.

Diversity of landscape, southern Arabia.

By Michael Jenner

Diversity of Landscape in southern ArabiaAs one travels through the regions of Yemen, from the hot coastal plain of the Tihama to the cool mountain villages of the central highlands and to the remote valleys of the Hadramut there is such a diversity of landscape, architecture, and vegetation that it is like moving from one country to another. Yet the impression of Yemen as a land of contrasts is deceptive. There are common strands of identity running through the fabric. The fiercely individualistic character of each place and its people reveals itself gradually not as a discordant factor in essence but as the way of the country as a whole. The common identity of Yemen does not exist necessarily in a sense of uniformity or consensus of opinion but rather in the vigorous defense of the small unit, be it family or tribe or village. A unified cultural heritage the diversity of expression.

Gateway to Yemen Electronic Project

The Ministry of Communication has recently revealed new plans aiming at the development of the internet services in Yemen, as well as the establishment of the ‘Gateway’ project. Sources at the Ministry said the project would be the first step in the establishment of the e-government in Yemen through using up-to-date information technology, newest ideas, standards, techniques, styles and establishing data processing network.
The USD 1 million project is expected to provide high speeds and other features.
In this regard, a symposium was held in Sana'a titled "Takeoff towards E-Government" in which a number of specialists and experts participated and discussed the essential technical methods to establish the Yemeni Gateway for internet and to establish information network connected to the international network.
During the symposium participants reviewed the project and its objectives, constituents, characteristics as well as its accomplished phases and horizon developments. The participants mapped out the strategic outline of the projects to be accomplished immediately, taking into consideration making of the project a success.
The project will be operated through 25 sites in Yemen and will also connect subscribers to the international internet networks through telephone lines. For the first time, the Ministry of Communication will implement this project not for profitable purposes but for providing better services for subscribers. Within the framework of this objective, the project will also provide universities and academic institutions with all the requirements needed to make advantage of this technology. The network will also provide Arabic information exchange, which facilitates transferring information among networks at the regional and international level. Source.

Business Opportunities in Aden Free Zoon:

Invest your money in Aden Free Zone !! Over $800 million is already invested.

Yemen does provide opportunities to foreign companies. With a need to increase agricultural production and improve erosion control, farming equipment is needed. Fishing equipment producers will also find a market in Yemen, as the government seeks to capitalize on its natural resources. As one of the leading producers of oil and gas equipment, U.S. producers should be able to market products in Yemen. Finally, the tourism sector is slated for dramatic growth as the government tries to capitalize on Yemen's attractions. Numerous resorts, hotels and restaurants could be in the works.

With the successful start-up of the Aden Free Zone Development program, Aden will occupy once again a leading role in international trade, transportation and global distribution.

The Port of Aden in one of the world's greatest natural harbors and is geographically strategically located at the crossroads of the Red and Arabian Seas with direct access to the Indian Ocean.

The Aden Free Zone will provide an international gateway to business opportunities in three continents – Asia, Europe, and Africa – and access to regional market of over 1 Billion people in Middle East, East Africa and the Indian sub-continent. Moreover, the development of modern transportation facilities and general infrastructure in Aden will spur new regional trade and business opportunities and economic growth.


  Arabic Stories

Arabic stories, the literature that builds the Arabic heritage and culture. Print them out and share them with your kids. Please check them out and send us your comments. Click here. 


Yemen, the land of Sheba, where wonders never cease


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